Letter Rings 9k


Oh so cute letter rings, handmade in solid 9ct Gold, Rose or White! Mix & match or just stack them up with your initials, lover, pets name, kids initials - add a sweet love heart, star, half moon and ampersand. Perfect gift for yourself, anniversaries, friendships what ever the occasion!

Choose between Caps and small letters, be creative and mix them up even colours! Available in 14ct and Silver.

Commonly added with a Valentine stack ring: White DiamondBlack Diamond and/or Gemstones

Also available in necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Please contact us to custom make them for you info@aliceorjewellery.com.au

*Please note these rings are individually handmade, shapes, sizes may vary and can take 7-15 working days to make.

9k jewellery as well as sterling silver, can change colour, it is purely the nature of the metal. 14k & 18k will not have this issue due to the higher content of pure gold.