Unicorn Shoe Gold Necklace


When I grow up, I want to be a Unicorn!

We are all born in our own unique and different way. That's what makes us, as individuals; special.

Gift this very extraordinary "Unicorn shoe" to yourself or some one who is absurdly weird and out of the ordinary in your eyes. Great for everyday wear and can be worn as a statement piece. In other words telling someone she's a #RADBITCH

You can add a Diamond for an extra sparkle, please state placement left or right side of the pendant. Diamond size is 1.5pts F VS. 

Available in Sterling Silver.

14ct gold solid pendant with a 9ct gold chain attached. 9ct gold pendant with a 9ct gold chain attached. Chain length 45cm. Choose between yellow, rose or white gold.

Made to order with love in Australia.